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Moab Support Forum > Entrada Natural--What's the Profile Abbreviation in CS3?

Hi all,

I've installed the .icc profile for Entrada Natural and it is located in the correct profile folder on the C Drive. But when I go to print from Photoshop CS3, I can't tell which of the profile abbreviations is the Entrada Natural Rag profile. My guess is that it's labelled "Stylus Photo 1400 1410" out of the options . . . but I'd feel better having this confirmed. It would be much more clear if it had Moab Entrada Natural in the abbreviation.


September 2, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterKatharine B.

Okay, we don't know why this worked, but FWIW, my programmer husband did the following. He navigated to the .icc file in the correct installation folder. (I have Windows 7 so that's the spool/driver/colors etc. folder as predicted by Moab's instructions.) It has a lovely, informative, intuitive name that reflects the paper type and the desired printer.

[Background: the way the file GOT INTO that folder was I had downloaded it; copied it to desktop; right-clicked it; had selected "install" and at that point it appeared in that folder, as expected. You will need this background in two seconds . . . ]

We both noticed that the "install" option was STILL VISIBLE when we right-clicked the file, which didn't make sense since I had already installed it and that's how it got to that folder. But we didn't try clicking "install." He wanted to look around more first.

He opened the actual .icc file in Notepad to take a look. We searched for "Moab" using Ctrl F to see if there was a short-form name that would appear in the print dialogue. All we found was the complete file name . . . that was the only occurrence of "Moab." . . . He closed Notepad and we looked at the Print Dialog box again. No change. So we refreshed it using a tip from Moab, namely selected View, Proof Setup, Custom, and then hit Cancel. AND (drum roll):

Now we can see in the list of profiles a profile name that is the same (or nearly so) as the file name: Moab Entrada Natural Epson 1400.

So that is the name that will/must/should appear in the Print Dialog . . . a lovely intuitive name . . .

Again, we don't know why the steps we took worked. And perhaps if we had just clicked "install profile" at the point when it made no sense that that option still appeared, maybe that would have accomplished the same thing.

But it worked :-)

September 2, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterKatharine B.