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Moab Support Forum > Pro-1000 Lasal Photo Matte MCT


I was wondering if anybody here is familiar with the Media Configuration Tool with the Canon Pro-1000 printer. I do well creating custom media types for most papers, but am having difficulty with the Lasal Photo Matte series. Specifically, difficulty in selecting the appropriate base paper when creating a custom profile.

The recommended profile "Matte Photo Paper" shows the following properties:
Ink: MK
Ink Usage: Medium-small
Paper Thickness: Medium-high

Being that the Lasal Photo Matte is a photo paper <0.3mm thick, the correct base paper would be "Light Photo PaperA". That uses the PK inkset however.

One could then choose a "Heavy Art Paper" but that uses both the MK and PK inkset.

The best fitting profile I see is the "Special 7" as it's properties best matches the "Matte Photo Paper" media type:
Ink: MK
Ink Usage: "Medium-small"
Paper Thickness: "Medium-high"

However, Color Calibration is no longer allowed with the "Special 7" media type.

TL;DR: Which is the best base profile to use in creating a custom media type for Lasal Photo Matte paper?

May 18, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterDeputy Fife

Creating a custom media file is as much science as trial and error. Many of the Canon media settings are very similar in specifications, but can create different results in print, so a few profile/gamut tests may be necessary to get the best results. Here are our tips:

- Canon uses both MK and PK inks in many matte paper settings to expand the gray tonal range and create a deeper max black. There is no reason to avoid a base matte setting because it uses both black inks.

- You can adapt the paper thickness during the creation process to better match the actual thickness of the media you are using. There are no hard numbers for the Canon head height settings, we have found auto to work well for nearly all media. A higher head setting only becomes detrimental if it effects the sharpness of the print.

- In creating our profile with the stock Canon media settings, Premium Fine Art Smooth gave the best balance of ink usage, gamut, and max black. I'd recommend testing a custom media file built from this media setting as your baseline.

May 21, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterMoab Paper Support

Thank you for the detailed reply. In keeping with your recommendations, I tried to create a custom profile based on the Premium Fine Art Smooth. However, I do not have that as a paper option for custom papers. I have the following under Fine Art:

Heavy Art Paper
EX Heavy Art Paper
High Density Art
Japanese Paper

How do I find the Premium Fine Art Smooth base paper for use?

May 22, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterDeputy Fife