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Moab Support Forum > Lightroom Printing on New Mac

Hello Moab,
I've recently put Lightroom on a new Mac and installed my printer drivers via the App Store for my Epson R3000. I installed your ICC profiles (I love your papers and use them almost exclusively) and went into Lightroom to make my first print. Lightroom is not showing me the range of papers it used to. I can select the ICC profile for the Moab paper in the Colour Matching pane of the print dialogue, as always, but when I go to Print Settings to select my Media Type, I can't select the corresponding media type as I used to be able to do because the correct types are missing. I only see 3 papers, for example, under Fine Art (Canvas, Velvet, and Watercolor). It's not that the others are greyed out -- they just aren't there. My computer runs OSX Sierra and Lightroom CC (2015.10.1). Can you help?

July 18, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterIain

When you connected your printer to your new computer, it is possible that MacOS added it as an 'AirPrint' printer, and not a 'standard' printer. This often happens if your printer is on your network and not connected via USB. AirPrint will greatly limit your paper selections and other settings, as it is designed to ease printing from a mobile device. There is no way to check post-installation how the printer was classified, so you'll have to delete the R3000 and re-add. Here is the list of steps to add it back as a fully-functional printer:

With your printer powered on and connected to your network or computer:
Open System Preferences
Click Printers & Scanners
Click the '+' in the bottom left corner
Select 'Add Printer or Scanner'
A new window opens
Click to select your R3000
In the options below, the 3rd line is 'Use:' with a drop-down menu. It usually defaults to 'AirPrint' or 'Secure AirPrint' Click on this drop-down menu and select 'Epson R3000 Series'
Click Add in the bottom right corner.

This should get you back on track.

July 21, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterMoab Paper Support